Treatment research and trials for infertility has been a medical concern since the time of Hippocrates. However, these trials were not successful until 1978. IVF treatments are offered to infertile couples in Turkey since 1989 and thousands of couples have been successfully having their offspring.

If you have difficulties in getting pregnant and IVF is your only treatment choice for conception. Turkey has been offering different IVF treatment modalities with high success rates in various IVF centers and clinics.

Who Needs It?

Couples who fail to conceive and have either male (such as poor sperm quality, low number of sperms, etc.) and/or female (endometriosis, low ovarian reserve, tubal abnormalities, etc.) factors which are resistant to treatment as well as couples who do not have a medical reason but cannot conceive are to benefit from fertility treatments.

Fertility treatment method must be individualized and customized according to your clinical condition and problem. Best option will be discussed according to your history, performed tests and other social/clinical criteria and treatment option recommendation will be based on results of the above.