Cardiac diseases remain as number one killer in both developed and developing countries. Recent researches have shown that heart diseases are no longer considered as a disease that affects just men. Women especially over 50 are also at high risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Recent advances in cardiology and cardiovascular surgery opened new horizons in treatment methods of these disorders with both with surgical and non-surgical way. Non-surgical and minimally invasive surgical procedures are getting more and more popular. This not only about a shorter hospitalization time. Cardiac Surgery with sub-axillary incision offers great post-operative advantages to the patients:

While it decreases the morbidity and mortality due to major open surgery, patient satisfaction and life quality improves after surgery. Diagnostic angiography, angioplasties including stent placement to occluded coronary vessels, removal of plaque at the site of the narrowing of the artery (atherectomy) are the most conducted non-surgical procedures performed by qualified cardiologists known in their field. By-pass surgery in working heart and robotic cardiac surgery are successfully performed in many advanced and internationally accredited cardiovascular centers throughout Turkey.

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    Coronary Angiography

    Correct detection of the problem is crucial when planning the cardiologic treatment. The angiography performed by specialized doctors in our team therefore has a lot of importance for the success of the treatment.

    Balloon Angioplasty and Stent Placement

    Balloon angioplasty is a nonsurgical invasive treatment modality and is used as adjunctive technique to be combined with other techniques.

    Coronary Artery Bypass (Conventional)

    Although angioplasty is the first considered treatment, for some types of blockages, coronary bypass surgery may be the best option. The procedure has been applied innumerable times with success by our highly experienced specialized doctors in Turkey.

    Coronary Artery Bypass (On Beating Heart)

    With a considerable reduced risk and side effects, the technique of Off- Pump by pass is a unique treatment applied successfully as an alternative to conventional by-pass surgery.

    Open Heart (Aortic- Mitral) Valve Replacement Surgery

    Heart valve problems which make the heart work too hard are abnormalities in valves caused by birth defects, aging or certain diseases. The advanced techniques and contemporary technology makes it possible to successfully solve such problems, leading the patient towards a completely healthy life.

    Minimally Invasive (Aortic- Mitral) Valve Replacement Surgery

    With less pain, lower risk of infection, and shorter hospitalization time for the recovery this unique technique offers same efficacy, quality and safety of a conventional approach while at the same time being cost-conscious.

    Minimally Invasive ASD or VSD Closure Surgery

    Thanks to recent advances and skillful surgeons in their field it is now possible to apply ASD/VSD surgery with less risk and shorter recovery time. Akabir’s professional team can guide you through the entire process.

    Asd Or Vsd Closure Through Catheterisation

    It is also possible to perform ASD/VSD closure through catheterization. The patient may experience the most comfortable post operative process with the minimally invasive technique applied by expert specialists in Turkey.