What is Check-up

Check-up is basically a group of health screening procedures offered to healthy individuals for early detection and prevention of probable health hazards. Age, lifestyle, genetic heritage, environmental factors must be taken into consideration for check-up programs.

What is NOT check up

Check-up is NOT a group of tests and investigations ONLY. Diagnostic tests and investigations after diagnosis of a critical illness is not considered as a check-up also. Check-up must be considered as a consultancy report for your present and future health status.

Why Check-up is important?

Regular health exams and tests can help find problems before they start. They also can help find problems early, when your chances for treatment and cure are better. Also, early detection and precaution is always cheaper than treatment. 

Men Aged Over 40

If you are over 40 it is time to be serious about your health. This package with urology consultation, cardiological and radiological examinations and many laboratory tests is a perfect occasion to combine with your holiday.

Women Aged Over 40

Women over 40 are particularly at risk of many diseases that can be cured on early stages. This check up package including gynecological examination, mammography, smear test and many more is right for you or your beloved ones during holidays.

Men Aged Under 40

Combining your holidays abroad with a checkup program and eliminate the risk of development of various diseases and premature ageing.is a smart option to benefit from high quality diagnosis services and affordable prices in Turkey. AkabirHealth can help you with all the arrangements.

Women Aged Under 40

Prevent any health issue before they get too complicated to treat. Take this opportunity to combine your holiday with a specially designed check up offered with affordable prices and high quality medical setup.

Checkup For Children

Turn your holiday into an opportunity for your kids. Dental, pediatric and ophthalmology consultations and all the necessary laboratory consultations help protect your child against diseases.

Genetic Checkup

Do you know your body’s tendency towards certain diseases? By examining your DNA, genetic check-up can reveal many outcomes for you to be cautious on specific areas in order to protect your health.